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Automatic Viscous Filter

Automatic Viscous Filter

We offer high quality Automatic Viscous Filter which is very useful for the removal of Cement, Ferrous, Coal, and Fibrous Dust. These Automatic Viscous Filters are tough and firm and can be used in highly dusty environments.

Used In :
  • H.T. Motors
  • M.C.C.
  • P.C.C. Rooms
  • Sub-Stations
  • D.G. Set Rooms
  • Compressor houses

Benefit :
  • No plant shutdown is required

Essential requirements for Designing of Cooling systems for D.G. sets Cooling :
  • Dust free atmosphere in the rook so that moving part operates without aberration this enhances the life of costly spares
  • Lubricants works to longer period with pressurization by dust free air, If cooling is also done
  • Alternator can run on full load by forcing cold air in to the winding
  • Due to Dust free atmosphere the capability and efficiency of suction filter for combustion air, increase the life of pistons, cylinders and piston rings also increases
  • Crank case is cold enough hence no mist formation in the crank case hence no tripping due to high engine oil temperature
  • Valves and Tappets